Nintendo Switch Supports Developer Interest in GDC’s Latest Industry Report

Image: Nintendo Life

Each year, before the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, the organization releases a report on the state of the gaming industry. It polls some 2,700 developers who attended or signed up to share their opinions, and the results provide some interesting insights into current trends and major themes.

An interesting statistic from Nintendo’s point of view is always related to active development projects and plans for the future. In past generations of this report, the Wii U and 3DS often recorded single digit percentages of developers working on or interested in making a game for the company’s hardware. The situation is much better for the Switch.

In the category “For which platforms are you developing your current project?” below is a sample of the results.

  1. PC – 63%
  2. PlayStation 5 – 31%
  3. Android – 30%
  4. iOS – 30%
  5. Xbox Series X|S – 29%
  6. Xbox One (or One X) – 22%
  7. PlayStation 4 (or Pro) – 21%
  8. Nintendo Switch – 20%

While the reaction may be concern that the Switch is in 8th place, it is on par with the latest generation of consoles (which is not surprising in terms of its capabilities), and at this stage of its life cycle is unlikely to be match PS5/Xbox Series. X|S. Switch is also in 6th place in the category focused on platforms for future projects, with 19% naming the system. To the more vague question “what platforms are you interested in as a developer right now”, the result is even better: Switch is in 3rd place (after PC and PS5) with 39%.

Of course, the PC remains the dominant platform, while mobile continues to be in the spotlight due to the size of its market. However, as the Switch approaches its 5th anniversary, it remains relatively high in terms of active development, planned development, and the interest it generates from developers. This is a far cry from the much lower interest in the latest generation.

If you would like to view the report yourself, you can access it for free on this page, with the only requirement being the provision of some basic personal data. As you would expect from a report on the state of the gaming industry, it covers a wide range of topics including accessibility, diversity, social engagement, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This gives a good indication of the views of those working in the industry, including areas where views and approaches may change.

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