Nintendo Switch OLED display durability review

New updated Switch from Nintendo sells well and looks great… But if you’re lucky enough to find it this year, you can buy a screen protector for it, as one YouTuber found the Switch OLED screen to be very soft and easily damaged by objects like coins or keys.

Youtube JerryRigEverything Donates New Switch OLED Screen For The Common Goodusing it to test the new console’s screen, joysticks, overall build quality and durability. The results are mostly positive: Nintendo appears to have fixed many of the original hardware’s flaws.

However, the biggest problem seems to be the new fancy screen and its plastic cover. It can be easily scratched with minimal pressure and blunt objects such as a coin. Perhaps this is a smart move – to put a decent protective film on top of it. JerryRig noticed that the bezel appears to be designed to protect the screen, as if Nintendo knows how many people will add a little extra protection to the screen. their new OLED switchs

For the rest of the console, Nintendo added more metal to the overall design, making it harder to bend and adding more structure and stability to the Joycon connections at both ends of the console. The large stand is now also completely made of metal, which adds extra protection against damage caused by some dude trying to bend it in half.

JerryRig also tested how the screen reacts to an open direct flame with a lighter. Although the plastic layer did not melt, it left a permanent nasty mark on the OLED screen. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but I wouldn’t push an OLED switch next to a fire or open flame. Just in case.

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