Nintendo Shares Unreleased WarioWare: Let’s Get Together! The song that did not enter the game

Out of the blue, Nintendo has downloaded a couple of songs from WarioWare: Get It Together! on YouTube, including the technically unreleased one. Nintendo? Are you officially releasing your music for legal fan enjoyment? What’s the matter?

Yes, one of the most memorable ditties that you undoubtedly hum when playing the game is Penny’s Song. You are probably already familiar with it if you’ve spent a decent chunk of time playing, but here it is for your listening pleasure:

It now turns out that Nintendo did make an effort to create a special Spanish-language version of the same song, clearly aimed at a Spanish audience. Oddly enough, this version never made it into the game, so here’s your only chance to hear it:

It’s unclear why the track never made it into the game, but supports Nintendo for allowing fans to enjoy it online rather than shutting it down for the rest of the time.

WarioWare: Get Together! is out now on Switch – and that’s great.

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