Nintendo responds to Wii and DSi Shop channel glitches

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

Update [Sat 21st May, 2022 18:05 BST]: Two months after Wii and DSi Shop channels were shut down, YouTube channel GameExplain have now contacted Nintendo to see if they can provide any further clarification on what is going on. Unfortunately, the new statement is that it still has “nothing to announce” about the current status of these shutdowns. You can see Nintendo’s original response below.

Original article [Wed 23rd Mar, 2022 01:05 GMT]: A rumor quickly spread online last week that the Nintendo Wii and DSi Shop channels have been offline since at least March 16th. Naturally, this raised concerns that this could potentially be the end of these digital stores, though Nintendo did not communicate this.

Thankfully, it looks like there’s nothing to worry about – the company is now providing an official statement (via Kotaku). It is currently undergoing maintenance and an update will be provided in the near future, a spokesperson said.

“The Wii Store Channel and the Nintendo DSi Store are currently under maintenance. We will provide an update later.”

As noted earlier, while Nintendo stopped selling games on the Wii Shop and DSi Shop channels some time ago, users of those platforms can still access digital stores to re-download existing games.

Some users have also reportedly been able to bypass error codes – 290502 and 209601 – using third-party tools such as NUSDownloader and access the main Nintendo server for those systems. Eurogamer also notes that “only the external sites themselves” seem to be disabled.

If we hear any other updates, we will let you know.

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