Nintendo releases new intro video for Mario Strikers: Battle League

Image: Nintendo

Mario Strikers: Battle League releases next month on Nintendo Switch, and aside from the initial announcement, we haven’t seen much of this upcoming release. With that in mind, Nintendo has released an extensive overview trailer for the game, which reveals more about the gameplay, characters, modifications that can be made to players, and more.

The catch is that everything is in Japanese. Nintendo usually localizes these trailers, but if you just want to see more footage from the game sooner rather than later, this video, which is about five minutes long, is still worth watching.

Canadian developer Next Level Games is once again responsible for this latest game in the Mario Strikers series. Just last week, through social networks and the official website, a recruitment of employees for future projects was noticed.

What do you think of these last shots? Will you be picking up this one when it arrives June 10th? Leave a comment below.

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