Nintendo Moves Switch Trailers To Private, But It’s ‘Probably Nothing’

Nintendo fan on family boards discovered that Switch OLED and Lite trailers were recently posted on the company’s official YouTube channels in North America and Japan.

Looks like that was enough to spark another round of “Switch Pro” rumors. a little anticipating… or at least hoping for a big discovery. Former Nintendo of America employee Keith Ellis chimed in via social media, stating that it likely meant nothing and was likely related to licensing:

“These big videos usually have music or actors that are licensed for a year and then need to be renewed or removed. Tomorrow, a year ago, the OLED switchover was announced. It’s probably nothing.”

It was also noted how the same Switch launch trailers can can still be seen in the UK and others countries like Australia.

Until Keith’s comment, GameXplain suggested that the private video might be an attempt to clarify the “YouTube algorithm” in order to focus on something else related to the Switch’s branding. It was also mentioned that Apple has been doing something similar lately – pulling old videos off the iPhone before the last show.

Another thing to note is that Nintendo is currently facing supply chain issues in Japan. A new report from the Nikkei earlier today showed how systems sales fell 33% due to this struggle. A Nintendo spokesperson also mentioned that the company is struggling to procure the necessary parts to produce new systems.

If we hear any updates, we will let you know. What do you think Nintendo might come up with with this trailer? Tell us below.

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