Nintendo May Use AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution to Improve Switch Performance

Image: Nintendo

As the Nintendo Switch continues to gain momentum in terms of sales and popularity, Nintendo and various third parties continue to use its mobile technology to achieve the best possible results. There’s no doubt that meeting 2022 expectations for visuals and performance will be a challenge for the system, but an interesting license tied to the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports points to a potential opportunity for Nintendo to make the most of the hybrid.

As noted @NWPlayer123 In the Nintendo Switch Sports download test version, the game is licensed to AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. It’s actually open source and free to use, but monetized projects still need to verify its use on license pages like the one below. Right now, Nintendo seems to only be using it on this particular game, but if the results are good, it’s not out of the question that it could be used on other projects.

So what is it? PC gamer goes a little further into the technology, and Official site also demonstrates its potential impact on game performance. If you remember, in the past there were lively talks about how future Nintendo hardware may use NVIDIA DLSS, a supersampling technology that can produce games on Switch 2 in 4K while running at a lower resolution natively. This is a way to get impressive results when using weaker chipsets, which is inevitable in the case of mobile equipment. The problem is that the Tegra X1 GPU in the Switch does not support DLSS.

However, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution is slightly different in its main goals. It upscales the image to look sharper even at lower resolutions, but doesn’t do it with some fancy artificial intelligence. This is an algorithm that can theoretically run on most systems and cards; it is applied depending on the game and also works on NVIDIA chipsets. Scaling is technically a secondary reason to use it, as the main benefit is that image scaling can provide better performance and frame rates while – to most eyes, and especially during gameplay – looks like it’s working well. resolution.

Using the Nintendo Switch Sports as an example, let’s say that Nintendo wants it to run at 60fps, but is struggling to lock it in; Technology like AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution, when used effectively, can help you achieve performance targets, theoretically with less loss in visuals and output resolution.

It will be interesting to see how that pans out, but the point is that as Nintendo continues to support the Switch with a range of major titles, it will no doubt look into such tools to improve all-round performance.

We’ll see if any other upcoming Switch games make use of this toolbox.

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