Nintendo Life eShop Choice – December 2021

Ending 2021 in style, December is yet another awesome month for downloadable delights on the Switch online store.

These awards celebrate the best of Nintendo’s digital store, highlighting games that are so easy to skip in the ever-growing Switch library.

So let’s get started. Here are the best Switch eShop games from December 2021!

Honorable mentions:

While these games didn’t make our top three this month, they are definitely worth a try:

Third place this month went to Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, the super-addictive universe-based puzzle game we’re all more than familiar with at this stage.

You can’t go wrong with a well-made falling block puzzle game, and the latest Shovel Knight is a thoughtful and truly delightful renaissance of the genre. In our review, we praised the game for its “high-intensity combat-oriented gameplay, lots of replayability, cute art style, and amazing depth,” and many team members have been delighted since then.

A very strong claim for third place.

Loop Hero (Switch eShop)Loop Hero (Switch eShop)

Publisher: Devolver Digital / Developer: Four quarters

Release date: December 9, 2021 (USA) / December 9, 2021 (UK / EU)

However, Loop Hero is ahead of Pocket Dungeon and comes in second place.

A creative new take on the RPG genre, Loop Hero successfully combines lightweight deck-building elements, an alternative tower defense approach to gameplay, and a thoughtful loot system. The very nature of its gameplay means it’s a rather repetitive name – hence the Loop – but in our review we called it “an ever-rewarding and addicting game that will hook you easily.”

If you haven’t heard of it yet, read this review to find out all about it and see if it works for you. We would definitely recommend this. And again. And again

Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Switch eShop)Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Switch eShop)

Publisher: Finji / Developer: Finji

Release date: December 15, 2021 (USA) / December 15, 2021 (UK / EU)

As for this month’s winner? This prize goes to Chicory: a colorful fairy tale.

Chicory, one of the best adventure games available on Switch, actually won the staff vote very comfortably this month. With a cast of cute characters and a great sense of humor but not afraid to touch on some surprisingly heavy topics, the 25-30 hour journey in the game is something we sincerely recommend you go through.

In our review, we described it as “a great mix of mechanics, themes, and visuals,” and we hope you get to see it for yourself.

How do we decide that our online store chooses the top three: As we get closer to the end of each month, Nintendo Life employees vote for their favorite games from a list of editors’ picks. To be on this list, these games must only be released digitally on the Nintendo Switch Online Store this specific month and must be verified on Nintendo Life; we select suitable games based on their ratings in the reviews.

Employees are then asked to vote on three games that they think deserve to be ranked # 1 on this list; the first choice gets 3 points, the second choice gets 2 points, and the third choice gets 1 point. Those votes are then tallied to create a top three list, with the overall winner receiving that month’s top prize.

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