Nintendo Leaker suggests Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing may be linked to “licensing costs”

Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo opened the roof on the price of its new Switch Online Expansion Pack yesterday, and if you’ve seen our reader poll on this topic, it might be too expensive for some.

So what’s the deal and why is Nintendo charging such prices for this new add-on – with a library of games for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive, as well as access to new Crossbreeding DLC? In accordance with NWR Member and Nintendo’s proven leader, Emily Rogers, is the “likely” cause and the “main culprit” believed to be licensing costs.

In fact, Sega did not appear to be a “big fan” of the Wii virtual console service at the time due to “low sales” and various other issues, which is why Nintendo allegedly shelled out a hefty amount of money for the Mega. This time the Drive / Genesis library:

“Licensing costs are probably the main reason for NSO’s bold expansion price. I heard that Sega paid very, very well. This is remarkable because Sega weren’t big fans of the Wii VC service due to low sales, revenue sharing, and lack of marketing. This is why Sega does not support Wii U VC.

The cash costs don’t end there – Rogers further noted in a follow-up tweet that games on the same service from other companies must also be licensed, and it all adds up! And then there is an agreement between Nintendo and Rare and Microsoft about Banjo-Kazui in the Nintendo 64 Library …

“Third party games (Konami, Capcom) are also licensed for Genesis NSO. So after a while, licensing costs start to rise. And who knows what licensing agreement / arrangement Nintendo has with Rare / Microsoft … “

Sega NSO
Image: Sega / Nintendo

Rogers has previously been involved in some Nintendo leaks such as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and more recently accurate information was provided about Switch your OLED model before releasing it… Do you think she’s here on the money? Do you think “licensing costs” are the main reason for the “fat price” of the NSO Expansion Pack?

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