Nintendo Launches Four Adorable New Switch Commercials for the Japanese Market

While Nintendo of America has been leaning towards appearing celebrities in the latest commercials promoting the Switch, the focus is a little less brilliant in Japan. As in previous years, advertisements for the Japanese market place an emphasis on multiplayer entertainment with family and friends, which produces quite satisfying results.

Featured games include Fit Adventure ring, Club Games: 51 World Classics, Mario Superstar Party, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain… Parents and grandparents play with the kids, and of course friends joke and play online.

The trailers have a pleasant, relaxing vibe, obviously intended to convey a laid-back holiday / end-of-year vibe. Notably, the models featured are also standard and lightweight – this could be due to when these commercials were filmed, or perhaps a deliberate decision due to the company struggling to maintain inventory and meet demand for OLEDs. in Japan.

We certainly love these announcements, but let us know what you think in the comments.

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