Nintendo is “currently investigating” a Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trials bug

Image: Nintendo

Fire Emblem Engage received widespread praise at launch, but there seems to be one minor issue with the Relay Trials co-op multiplayer mode in the first update. As highlighted in Nintendo’s official customer support social media account, the gaming giant is aware of player reports and is “currently investigating” the issue.

As Siliconra explained, the problem arises when choosing “take over” after “accidentally” in relay trials. When you select “take over” – the actual message “no data to transfer” will appear. Here is a rough translation of the Nintendo Support tweet:

“We have received a request that “There is no data to transfer”, even if you select “Random” in “Transfer” in “Fire Emblem Engage”. We are currently investigating, so please wait for more information. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

To minimize the chance of this issue, the best way to do this seems to be to manually enter the code when joining the Relay Trials mode. Here’s a little more about this mode from our Nintendo Life review:

“In Relay Challenges, you go through maps with other players in a co-op mode, which can be accessed using tickets earned in the main campaign. The battles here don’t have to be completed in one sitting, and you can take on friends or random players to jump in. into a fight to help others who had a turn and then put their game aside. This mode also adds a new mechanic with entry portals scattered around arenas that open up for other players and then appear when they take their turn.” .

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