Nintendo introduced the Splatoon 3 world map

Image: Nintendo

In Nintendo’s latest volumeAsk a Developer‘ has been revealed as the official world map for Splatoon 3.

The Inklings and Octopuses have always wondered how the world of Splatoon fits together, so this map should help. You can see all sorts of attractions like Splatsville, Inkopolis Bay, salmon swimming areas and more! Look below:

Splatoon3 world map
Image: Nintendo / via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 Game Director Shintaro Sato explains how this map was created to convey a sense of distance between three cities (Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Plaza, and Splatsville). Fellow director Seita Inoue went into more detail about the geography of the map:

“As you can see, Inkopolis Plaza in the first title and Inkopolis Square in the second title are located in the very center of the city, and they are about as far apart as Shibuya Station and Harajuku Station on the train to Tokyo. in terms of distance, that’s about 1.2 km (approximately 0.75 miles). However, we discussed how we wanted Splatsville to take place in a region far from the locations in the previous two games, and with a completely different climate .We have prepared a map like this so that we can develop the game with an understanding of geographic distances.”

So that’s it – we finally have an idea of ​​how the world of Splatoon fits together. What do you think of this card? Did you notice anything else? Leave a comment below.

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