Nintendo Expands Level Of Switch Online Expansion Packs With Paper Mario 64 Coming Next Week

Image: Nintendo

Next week, December 10, Nintendo will add the classic N64 to its Switch Online Expansion Pack.

This is the original Paper Mario game – which launched the entire series in 2000. Here’s a plot straight from PR Nintendo along with a video:

“V Paper Mario, his vile depravity – Bowser himself – fled with the magical Star Rod and lifted Peach Castle into the sky with the help of Kammy Koop. Who will stop him now? The task of Mario (and you!) Is to rescue all seven Celestial Spirits, guarded by minions selected by Bowser. Can you justify the need and complete the storybook? “

Of course, in order to access this game, you need to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack tier. This premium service will also give you access to Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games as well as Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise DLC.

This next playable addition to the N64 library brings the total number of offers to 10 here in the west. To see the full roster, check out our guide:

Paper Mario
Image: Nintendo

Will you try the original Paper Mario on Switch Online? Tell us below.

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