Nintendo Employee Tells Fans To Break With Current Change, If They Don’t “Dig In” The OLED Screen


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Nintendo has announced a new Switch and has owners of the old models wondering if it’s time for an update.

The company hasn’t even made an official statement about this – and it probably won’t address it directly, but it has clarified the OLED model. do no have a new CPU or RAM upgrade. In addition to the improved screen, internal memory upgrade, and a few others minor differences, is very similar to the current model of dock version.

While we don’t have a statement from Nintendo on whether the new system is worth it for existing owners, we now have a comment from Nintendo’s America product marketing manager, JC Rodrigo (and Treehouse rep), via social media. When asked by a fan if the new system went better, he replied with a simple “no” and told them to stay with the current one, unless they were interested in updating the screen.

While it might seem obvious it’s not much more than a screen upgrade at this point, it’s also interesting to hear when it comes directly from a Nintendo employee. In other words, there is no need to try and justify an update if you are not taken by it. With JC’s tips in mind, do you think you’ll get the new OLED Switch model? Leave a comment below.



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