Nintendo Download: January 13th (Europe)

The latest Nintendo Download for Europe is out and brings a host of new games to your region’s online store. As always, be sure to vote on our poll and comment below on your potential pick for the week. Enjoy!

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Airy – Dream Landscape (EpiXR, January 13, £ 9.99 / € 9.99) – Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of imagination. In Aery – Dreamscape, you play as a birdlike spirit that can infiltrate the minds of other people to explore their thoughts, their secrets and their imaginations. Each person has their own imaginary world, and each world presents that person’s thoughts, fears, and ambitions in an interesting and mostly abstract way. In an imaginary world, you must find a certain number of shards of memory in order to progress through the plot and learn more about the person in question.

ASTRONER (System Era Softworks, Jan 13, £ 23.74 / € 27.99) – Explore and change distant worlds! The Astroneer is set in the 25th century intergalactic era of discovery, as Astroneers explore the boundaries of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and uncover the mysteries of the universe. In this adventure, players can work together to build their own bases above or below ground, craft vehicles to explore the vast solar system, and use terrain to create anything they can imagine – read our ASTRONEER review.

Demoniaca: Eternal Night (eastasiasoft, 12 January, £ 10.79 / € 11.99) – Adventure gothic metroidvania awaits in Demoniaca: Everlasting Night, a side-scrolling platformer that combines beautiful grotesque imagery with seductive style. Explore, fight, meet new friends and seek revenge on those who brought you unbearable pain and loss! As you travel the terrible and corrupted Tower of Babel, you will uncover many of its dangerous secrets, challenge powerful lords and slay hordes of their minions.

DRIFT X DRIVE (SAT-BOX, 10 January, 4.55 GBP / 5.02 EUR) – Enjoy this easy to learn racing game that the whole family will love! Pass the Joy-Con and compete with four players! By offering a variety of racing cars! Choose from cars, motorbikes, trucks and even tanks! Convert a variety of locations into your own racetrack, from city streets to coastlines! Find your perfect car and show the best time! Use drifts to navigate any bend with ease! Increase your speed by charging boosts while drifting! Win and take first place!

Duel Princess (entry, 13 January, £ 18.89 / € 20.99) – This is a side-scrolling tower defense game in which you lead your squads from your own castle to the princess’s castle and conquer it. There are roguelite elements that allow you to enjoy building new decks every time you play story mode.

dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack (magicdweedoo, 11 Jan, £ 12.74 / € 15.29) “Entering this dimension many years ago, magicdweedoo has proven its tirelessness in designing and delivering an otherworldly multimedia experience. dweeMIXED: The Thwee Pack, a collection of remastered indie game staples, is an indispensable guide to this labyrinth of mind.

ESCHATOS (Qute, 13 January, £ 18.62 / € 20.69) – Fast and exhilarating speed! Each segment of the scene is fast, which makes the game dynamic and exciting. Frequent transitions from attack to rest and back rhythmically advance the game. No gaps between stages and no waiting for data to load – you can play non-stop from start to finish. Traditional effects with a Sci-Fi theme create an orthodox world filled with designs and nostalgic characters.

Eternal shining (Visualnoveler, Jan 13, £ 12.99 / € 14.44) – Inspired by classic Japanese RPGs, Eternal Radiance is an RPG about a squire named Celeste who embarks on a journey to prove herself worthy of being a knight. Her quest leads her far from home, across the continent in search of a thief whose actions stem from a sinister conspiracy.

Cape (Northplay, 13 January, £ 17.99 / € 19.99) – Cape is a fantastic imaginary world filled with bright colors and funny creatures. But an ominous external force threatens to steal wonder and color from the world. Join Nora on an exciting adventure, help him restore the Imagination Core and save Hedland!

focus 2 (, 13 January, £ 4.5 / € 4.99) – focus. continues. This time everything is dynamic. It features new mechanics and combinations of illusions with many creative solutions. 85 handcrafted creative levels, 9 different mechanics designed and developed by Yunus Ayildizmusic Benjamin Tissot

Kansei: Second Turn HD (Ratalayka Games, January 14, £ 7.99 / € 7.99) – A teenager who can survive the death of any corpse he touches becomes involved in another murder case when the owner of a large corporation dies under mysterious circumstances. However, this time he is forced to team up with a group of children with abilities as strange as himself. Unfortunately, these new teammates can be more dangerous than the assassin they’re after. Everyone has something to hide, and the past never remains hidden for long. Interrogate suspects, investigate the home of a rich deceased, and reveal other people’s secrets while trying to hide your own.

Nova-111 (No Gravity Games, January 13, £ 7.64 / € 8.49) – Guide your trusty ship through mysterious and alien planets in an award-winning sci-fi turn-based real-time action adventure. Your mission: fix space-time and find the scientists lost after the greatest experiment in the universe. With the help of only your faithful (albeit somewhat obsessed with sandwiches) guide, you must restore the time vortex!

Pixel Game Maker Series BATTLE TYCOON GAME (Gotcha Gotcha Games, January 13, £ 11.59 / € 12.89) – This is a new kind of fighting game that combines game combat with fighting game. The basic rule of the game is to score more points than your opponent, but you can enjoy the game without any rules. You can attack your opponent while he is playing, or interrupt him by stealing his controller and making a deliberate mistake! There are five types of games in total.

Radirgi Khabar (Dispatch Games, January 10, £ 14.99 / € 16.99) – Radirgy Swag is a unique shooter with game mechanics that will appeal to players of all skill levels. The planes in Radirgy Swag are not only equipped with cannons, you can also destroy enemies with your sword. This feature allows you to attack enemies from different directions. Use your shield or fill the Absonet gauge to give you temporary invincibility against your enemies. Master both offensive and defensive techniques to complete your mission.

Sniper Time: Shooting Range (Pipetka Games, 13 December, £ 3.49 / € 3.9) – Challenge yourself on the shooting range by shooting different types of rifles, competing with a stopwatch. Different levels and goals are waiting for you. Ready? A few tips for you. Use the right gun for every situation. When you’re ready to fire, hold your breath. Pull the trigger gently. Use a solid support for increased accuracy. Don’t forget to reboot. This is your time. Good luck!

Zenkai Sudoku (ImaginationOverflow, Jan 13, £ 4.99 / € 4.99) – Sudoku Zenkai is a game for beginners and advanced Sudoku players. This allows you to play with your friends! You can start a new puzzle with a friend or just ask him to help you in this difficult task, two heads are always better than one (usually). Train your brain, logic and perception skills with Sudoku Zenkai puzzles on six different difficulty levels so you can start with trainee levels to train your logical thinking and memory, or just go to insane levels to give your brain a real workout.

Team fight manager (Team Samoyed, 13 January, £ 7.39 / € 8.19) – Help your team develop effectively and develop the best strategy to win the world title! · Pick & Ban System Find the best combination of champions among many. Be aware of the champions your players often pick, the champions your opponents often pick, and the combination compatibility for best results.

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