Nintendo Australia’s Smash Summer Open is offering a mug as a prize

But on the other hand, an open Smash tournament that everyone can take part in looks like quite a lot of fun! Of course, there are competition rules in some places – Battlefield and Omega stages, no items or hazards, 1-v-1, etc. – so this could be the place where a budding Smash player finds out what he really is. even better than the real thing. think they are.

Luckily, the mug isn’t the only prize: the top ten players will receive My Nintendo points, a T-shirt and a coin, and a new cup holder. An additional 40 people who participate will also receive an enamel mug and My Nintendo points. You can familiarize yourself with the rules of the tournament and the rights to Official site of Nintendo in Australia.

For more competitive Smash Bros action, YouTuber and Jigglypuff player Ludwig recently announced the “Scuffed World Tour”, his very own Smash Bros tournament for the top 8 Smash World Tour players. And there will be no mug in sight.

Will you be attending the Smash Australian Summer Open? Would you like to win a mug? Take a sip and let us know in the comments!

(Thanks for the tip, Davis!)

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