Nintendo Assures Us That Bayonetta 3 “Still Exists” Despite E3 No-Show


Stop it if you’ve heard this before, though Bayonet 3 “It still exists” and “progresses well” despite not appearing at this year’s E3, Nintendo says.

Since its initial revelation in 2017, we haven’t seen or heard a single glance at Bayonetta 3 outside of Hideki Kamiya’s reassurances that everything is going well behind the scenes. Of course, Kamiya has already told his fans that they should. ”forget it“the game for which any future news will be“ a nice surprise, ”and this week he became frustrated for them for having shown concern for the project, despite appearances mock the game’s appearance at E3 and then failing to show anything.

It probably makes sense, then, that it’s up to Nintendo to give you the truth about what’s really going on. In a video interview with GameSpot, Bill Trinen, director of marketing for Nintendo of America products and senior location director Nate Bihldorff were asked about the game’s no-show E3 (thank you, VGC):

GameSpot: “Where’s Bayonetta 3? Is it still there? We’re dead here. Are you going to show it again? What’s the matter here?”

“It definitely still exists, I can confirm it.”

“I’ll go even one further and say not only does it exist, but it works well. We like to show things every time we’re ready to show them, and of course we like to show things when the developer is ready to show them. So no we didn’t have it at E3, but stay tuned ”.

So here we go – a “good progress” to sit comfortably next to the “very well, “”very good, “”I’m fine, “and”very well“statements they have given us in recent years.

We’re sure the game won’t be anything less than when it finally arrives, but imagine that PlatinumGames and / or Nintendo are starting to regret introducing it so soon now. One day, people … One day.



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