Nintendo America didn’t like the idea of ​​the GameCube being purple

Image: Nintendo Life

Xbox isn’t the only company celebrating its 20th anniversary this week. The GameCube, which has sold approximately 21 million devices worldwide since its inception, is currently experiencing its North American launch two decades ago.

While purple may seem like a suitable theme for the system, there was a lot of doubt within Nintendo prior to its 2001 launch. In an interview with our friends at VGC Celebrating its 20th anniversary, former Nintendo VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications Perrin Kaplan talked about how the American branch initially discouraged the use of the color due to concerns about bad press.

“We actually assumed purple was not a good place to start, and [Japan] said, “No, we’ll take advantage of this.” Then we insisted on black and silver because I think no one in the US has ever made purple before. “

“… The point was not that it was impossible to get equipment of a different color, it was just a very …“ feminine ”color. I guess it just didn’t feel masculine. I remember how we were very nervous at E3 because of the bad press just because of the color. “

Former director of corporate communications for Nintendo of America Beth Llewelyn recalls how the purple color of the GameCube only complicated the battle against Sony and Microsoft at the time.

“This predates Apple. These days, choosing a color is like making a statement. But then all gaming systems were black … even white was not widely adopted. Nintendo has never been a technology story, but we’ve always struggled with what our competitors at Sony and Microsoft were doing in terms of PR, and having that purple box didn’t quite help. “

Did you like the purple color that Nintendo used for the GameCube brand? How about other colors it was available in? Leave a comment below.

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