Ninjala celebrates its second anniversary with a pirate-themed 10th season

Image: GungHo Online Entertainment / @PlayNinjala

The free-to-play action game Ninjala will celebrate its second anniversary on June 24th, and in honor of its second birthday, GungHo Online Entertainment announced that Season 10 will begin on June 16th!

You won’t want to walk the board with this as season 10 will be all about pirates. Who else compared and competed, who is better, pirates or ninjas? Well now you can actually do it in ninjala. Something like.

Season 10 also brings a few new additions to the chaotic multiplayer experience, as you’ll now be able to use voice chat with players in the same group as you, or anyone on your friends list. GungHo will provide more details on how to set this up on Ninjala official website a little bit later. You can also get a new Shinobi Berserker card which will give you maximum S-Energy for knockouts and also reduce drone damage.

Another new addition to Season 10 is the new Man-to-Men Slaughter Featured Mode, which lets you play against your opponent in a 1v1 duel. And you know we said you wouldn’t want to walk the board? Well, if you lose this, you might have to…

Here’s an overview of a few other features that GungHo will be introducing when Season 10 releases on June 16th:

Second Anniversary Gifts: Players who log in between June 16 and June 30 will receive free login bonuses, including 500 Jala, Ninjala Pass Mini, and a 30% discount at the Shinobi Store.
Features of the new Ninja Gum Lab: “Alter Special” is a new feature for all weapons that can be unlocked through Ninja-Gum research. This replaces attacks such as exchanging a dash with an IPPON Katana for a ranged attack. Players can also earn additional favorite outfit and gear slots from the lab.
Voice chat: Talk to party members and friends while you fight. You can also toggle voice chat in room battles.
WNA Resort Grand Opening: The WNA Resort is officially open! Throw Bronze Medals into the fountain at the WNA Resort for help codes and Ninja-Gum. Gain more experience for each medal thrown and earn a chance to see Fountain Gumchi appear during the happy animation.
Gumchi Lottery: By spending money in the Shinobi Shop, you will be entered into a free Research Points Lottery!

To celebrate reaching 9 million game downloads, you’ll also receive 100 free Jala’s!

The update is slated to release after the maintenance closes on June 16th (Pacific Time), so if you’re an avid ninja player, make sure you’re ready to sail the seven seas and fight on the ocean waves! Check out the full dev diary below for more on Season 10.

Let us know what you think of the upcoming season in the comments!

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