Ninja Gaiden’s Bad PC Port Finally Gets Graphics Options

NInja Gaiden

Image: Ninja Gaiden

Just over a month after its release on PC, Koei Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection-a product at full price from a major international publisherhe finally managed to add some graphical options to the game.

In case you missed it in June, the game collection published missing stuff that was strangely inexcusable even by an intermediate publisher, let alone one responsible for a game of this profile. Like the in-game resolution options, the ability to switch to fullscreen mode and to be able to use the keyboard at all, even just for the main menu navigation.

As well as PC Gamer reporthowever, this has finally been addressed by the inclusion of a few more options on the screen settings page in the game’s main menu that allow players to change not only the resolution, but a few of them. other settings like full screen, VSYNC and even anti-aliasing as well.

I can’t believe I had to write just that, in 2021, but such was the state of this port that it’s all about news. Hopefully the lessons have been learned here, and this is the last time we need them!


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