Nightdive is apparently preparing “a few more” FPS remasters

According to the CEO of the studio

Quake Remaster
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Nightdive Studios is responsible for the resurgence of several outstanding first-person shooters in recent years, and it’s no surprise that more are on the way.

Studio CEO Stephen Kick recently responded to a viral tweet focusing on ’90s first-person shooters by noting that the studio has already updated four games on the graphics (see method).

Steven Kick: “We’ve updated 4 of them… and more on the way…”

The games on this list remastered by Nightdive include Quake, Powerslave Exhumed, DOOM 64 and Blood: fresh supply. Keep in mind that some of the games on this list have already been re-released by other teams, while some of the other featured games are rumored to be getting remasters…

What classic first person shooters from the 90s would you like to see remastered? Leave a comment below.

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