Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is the fighter of the Passion Project platform

Nickelodeon All-Star Game Coming Soon to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, and we at Ludosity and Fair Play Labs can’t wait to get into everyone’s hands. I’m Joel Nyström, CEO of Ludosity, and you’ll also hear from the Game Director of Fair Play Labs here as well, as we share the excitement that players can finally knock out each other. Nickelodeon All-Star Game

We have released a platform fighter Slap city a few years ago and received a very positive response. Nickelodeon reached out to us and asked to see if we wanted to do something in this space together. We put together a prototype and showed it to our publisher, GameMill Entertainment, and here we are! After that, Fair Play Labs joined us and helped us create the game. Most games with this amount of content and scale involve more than one studio. I think we worked closer than in most cases, but working together was more fun and rewarding. Our small studio could never have done this project alone, and I think Rodriguez and Fair Play Labs agree on that. “It was great working with Ludosity, both studios had a common goal from the beginning – to create a fun game that many people will enjoy.”

Nickelodeon All-Star Game

And, of course, the fourth member of the team is Nickelodeon. They took the initiative to do this and continued to encourage us to develop our own creativity in character movement sets and overall game design. All participants want this game to be a success.

Nickelodeon All-Star Game

At its core Nickelodeon All-Star Game platform fighter. It’s all about incapacitating your opponents by fighting hard and outsmarting them on stage. It’s easy to get into, but the gameplay mechanics are very deep and will hopefully be useful for competitive players as well. For us and Rodriguez at Fair Play Labs, it was important that the game could be played by anyone, but at the same time it was different in depth. “We’ve put a lot of effort into helping create a game that will appeal to newcomers and competitive players, while striving to stay true to all the shows we include in the game.” We’re thrilled that players will see how smoothly Nickelodeon All-Star Game plays while remaining deep and competitive.

Nickelodeon All-Star Game

Characters are a big part of the experience and the opportunity to work with many of Nickelodeon’s characters has been amazing. It’s hard to say who was the most exciting, but the realization that both SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in the same game was overwhelming. However, for Rodriguez, it’s all about Invader Winter. “Zim serves. I have been waiting for the opportunity to play for Zim for a long time. ” In terms of play, Rodriguez is Winter’s protagonist, but I still feel like I’m studying SpongeBob. He’s one of the most versatile characters out there and is the perfect starting point for learning more technical things like technical landing, arm waving, perfect blocking, and clever positioning. I am also struggling with April. We’ll have to look after her. It will be fun to watch the meta evolve, and we will be watching closely in future balance updates.

Nickelodeon All-Star Game

The reception to the game was incredible and completely unexpected. We had a feeling Slap city Fans will be interested in our next adventure, but neither Rodriguez nor I ever expected this level of excitement. “It was amazing to see all the reactions and how excited people are in general.” We hope that Nickelodeon fans, platformer fans and the fighting game community will all embrace this game. Nickelodeon All-Star Game Coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S October 5.

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Nickelodeon All-Star Game

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Fight as your favorite Nickelodeon characters in pompous platform battles! With a powerful cast of heroes from the Nickelodeon universe, face to face with the stars from SpongeBob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Loud House, Danny Phantom, Ahhh !!! Real Monsters, Wild Thornberries, Hey Arnold !, Oh these kids and others to define the absolute superiority of animation. With unique sets of moves and attacks inspired by their personalities, each character has a distinct playstyle, allowing endless action for a legion of Nickelodeon fans. Pick your favorite and then let the intense brawls begin with online or local multiplayer.

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