Niantic’s Pokémon GO Harry Potter Mobile Game Closes

Image: Niantic

Niantic has raised an incredible amount of money with its mobile hit Pokemon GObut it looks like it failed to recreate the same level of success with the Harry Potter title, Wizards Unite

In an update posted yesterday on the game’s official website, Niantic announced that it will officially close the game on January 31 next year. On December 6, 2021, the game will be removed from the App Store, Google Play and Galaxy Store. In-game purchases will also end on December 6th.

While Niantic is officially scrapping its services for Wizards Unite, it has just released its new Nintendo-themed game. Pickmin Bloom… We said it was a great yet illustrious pedometer and gave it eight out of ten stars.

Niantic’s shutdown of its AR Harry Potter game follows news of Nintendo’s shutdown of its own mobile game. Dr. Mario Mir… Are you surprised to learn that Niantic’s Pokémon GO-style Harry Potter game hasn’t hit the spot? How do you think its new name, Pikmin, will evolve? Leave a comment below.

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