Niantic’s new Pikmin game has been downloaded 2 million times in two weeks

Image: Nintendo / Niantic

Pokemon GO developer Niantic recently launched its new mobile augmented reality walking game, Pickmin Bloom – so how are you?

According to Sensor Tower (via our friends at Eurogamer), the title was downloaded 2 million times in two weeks. 864K downloads were from players in Japan, the US ranked second in terms of player numbers and the UK ranked third.

While this may sound like a good start, it is (unsurprisingly) far from the GO downloads in the first few weeks – around 75 million. And Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (which closes) had 12.4 million downloads at launch.

In terms of expenses, in the first two weeks, Pickmin Bloom amassed $ 473,000. In contrast, Harry Potter made $ 8 million and GO made $ 116 million over the same time period.

Niantic probably didn’t expect Pikmin to be as successful as its previous releases. In the future, Niantic will obviously be building more Nintendo IP-based apps.

Did you download Picmin Bloom right after release? Have you already used this mobile walking app? Comment below.

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