NFT plans lead to F2P card game on Steam being bombed


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Storybook Draka is a popular free card game on Steam. It has a fairly large and active player base that really enjoys the game. And now almost all of them seem to be angry and bombard the Steam page of the game with reviews after the developers behind them. Storybook Draka announced plans to integrate NFT and blockchain technology into it.

On March 22, Good Luck Games, which created Storybook Brawl, announced that the studio has been acquired by FTX US. For those who don’t know FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2019. in the Bahamas and has since spread throughout the world. In addition, the company recently invested heavily in building a gaming division. the launch of FTX Gaming last year because it “sees gaming as an exciting use case for cryptocurrencies.”

In an announcement from Good Luck Games, the company shared vague plans to bring NFT and blockchain technology into Storybook Draka. According to the studio, it also promises that the integration will be “ethical” and will make the game “better for the players”, as well as making sure that “fun comes first”. (Ha, Vpromises and non-specific plans are always part of these NFT/blockchain announcements. Strange!)

An image showing the FTX and game logos.

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If you have been paying attention to the NFT news on Kotaku and other sites in the last 12 months or so, you can probably guess what happened next. (I mean, the title gives it away too…)

The players reacted to the news almost universal negativity. ABOUTver on the game page on Steam, you can see a huge increase in recent negative reviews. As a result, the game now has a “Overwhelmingly Negative” review status.

As noted Eurogamerone of the developers reportedly mentioned on the game’s Discord server that he was also considering non-cosmetic options for NFTs. Which angered the public even more.

Kotaku contacted Good Luck Games about his NFT plans.

This is far from the first time we have seen this song and dance. For the last year or so we have seen several examples of gaming companies announcing NFT plans. and timmediately received a negative reaction from the players as well as other game developers.

Many consider this technology to be a giant scam filled with scammers and scammers who want to make a quick buck before the bubble bursts.. There are also problems with howin technology could lead to more e-waste, as well as accelerate global warming, waste electricity, and make it harder for people to find and buy certain computer components, such as GPUs.

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