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cloud figure

This is the concept of what the “digital version” of the figurine will look like lol.
Image: Square Enix

While we’re still waiting/afraid to find out what Square Enix’s NFT plans are when it comes to video gamesthe publisher today announced that its latest blockchain tokens will be linked to some physical Final Fantasy VII merch.

Both the upcoming figurine and some collectible cards will have an NFT included, so if you purchase a physical item, you will receive a digital copy (in the case of a figurine) or a bonus digital card (in the case of cards). ). You can also get a certificate of authenticity for both, again in the form of a token on the blockchain.

While the cards won’t be available for a while, you can pre-order the figurine right now. This is Cloud as he appears in Final Fantasy VII, about six inches tall and with several interchangeable arms. You can buy the figure separately for $130 or buy the version that includes a digital copy for $150.

cloud figure

This is what a real number looks like in the real world
A photo: Square Enix

Perhaps the company was frightened by the negative public opinion. to his overall NFT plans and drops just one toenail here, but doesn’t such an approach contradict the whole point? NFTs are supposed to be associated with artificial digital scarcity and the perceived “value” of creating something that lives on the blockchain. Sounds like tying free crap from the internet to a figurine whose rarity will be determined by the number of physical units it moves. decades.

Funnily enough, the figurine won’t be released until November 2023, which means there’s a good chance that the infrastructure needed to view your digital copy is you need a specific blockchain wallet run by Enjin, along with the figurine and cards. can only be viewed on a dedicated website – it won’t even be around.

Square Enix even admits it! there is whole section on the figure’s product page titled “Attention Before Buying” and check out this fine print from the press release:

If Enjin services are terminated or no longer provided by Square Enix, users will no longer be able to view or use the digital cards, digital certificate, and digital versions of the figure.


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