Next week on Xbox: Jan 10 – 14

Welcome to next week on Xbox! In this weekly article, we’re highlighting all the new games coming soon for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows PC, as well as the upcoming Xbox Game Pass coming soon. [email protected] games! You can get more information on these games below and click on their profiles for pre-order details when they become available (release dates subject to change). Let’s jump!

Super Sami Roll – January 10 – Optimized for Xbox Series X | S

Sami rescues his girlfriend Vera, and he needs your help! Join him in this exhilarating colorful 3D platformer as you roll, fight in the air and jump to save her.

Demoniaca: Eternal Night – January 12

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night - January 12

Adventure awaits in Gothic metroidvania. Demoniaca: Eternal Night, a side-scrolling platformer that beautifully mixes grotesque imagery and seductive style. Explore, fight, make new friends and take revenge on those who brought you unbearable pain and loss!

Anacrus (Game preview) – January 13 – Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

The Anacrusis (Preview) - January 13 - Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

Available on Day 1 with Xbox Game PassAnacrus is a four-player cooperative first-person shooter set aboard a massive starship stranded on the edge of explored space. Team up with friends in an endless battle against hordes of aliens to unlock perks, weapons, and new ways to play that you can share with your team!

Mushroom Wars 2 – 13th of January

Mushroom Wars 2 - January 13

V Mushroom Wars 2, enemy tribes of brave mushroom creatures will fight in short but fierce battles in real time. Try yourself as a fearless mushroom commander, choose a hero to lead his army, and take control of the battlefield in a variety of multiplayer modes or in a challenging story campaign.

Sense – a cyberpunk ghost story – 13th of January

Sense - Cyberpunk Ghost Story - January 13

A 2.5D horror game inspired by Clock tower and Fatal framemixing cyberpunk with traditional Cantonese folklore. With a focus on rhythm, ambience and storytelling, Meaning hopes to bring the horror genre back to its roots, glorifying intuitive horror and the slow, intimidating crawl of horror.

Spelunky 2 – January 13 – Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

Spelunky 2 - January 13 - Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

This challenging roguelike platformer offers you endless freedom to navigate your own path through randomly generated caves and ruins. Develop your creativity and tell a unique story with your actions every time you play. Uncover secrets alone or with friends!

Aery – Dreamscape – January 14

Aery - Dreamscape - January 14

V Aery – Dreamscape you play as a spirit-like bird that can infiltrate the minds of other people to explore their thoughts, their secrets and their imaginations. Experience the feeling of flying, immerse yourself in beautiful atmospheric landscapes and enjoy the game’s unique storyline.

Battle brothers – January 14

Battle Brothers - January 14

Battle brothers is a turn-based tactical RPG in which you lead a hired company in a harsh, low-power, medieval fantasy world. You decide where to go, who to recruit or fight, which contracts to take, and how to train and equip your people in a procedurally created open world campaign.

Kansei: Second Turn HD – January 14

Kansei: Second Turn HD - January 14

A teenager who is able to relive the death of any corpse he touches becomes involved in another murder case when the owner of a famous corporation dies under mysterious circumstances.

Operation Zeta – January 14

Operation Zeta - January 14

Operation Zeta it is a gravity based game. Collect wrecked ship parts from wacky locals to escape the hostile battlefield. Play and unlock 13 playable characters, from space monkeys to mischievous slugs, each with their own unique set of skills and challenges.

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