Next week on Xbox: Feb 7-11.

Welcome to next week on Xbox! In this weekly article, we’ll cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as the upcoming Xbox Game Pass and games coming soon. [email protected] games! You can get more details on these games below and click on their profiles for pre-order details when available (release dates are subject to change). Let’s jump!

Olly Mir Olly – February 8 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

World of Ollyolly is a bold new action-packed skateboarding platformer packed with personality. Navigate the vibrant and dynamic world of Radland, meeting colorful characters as you train, cheat and wind your way to discover the mystical skate gods on your way to Gnarvan. Also available in Glad Edition.

El Gancho – February 9th

El Gancho - February 9

In search of an unlimited source of power in the galaxy, the Pogovon Empire learned about the unlimited happiness of coconuts. Now they have developed a cunning plan to extract this happiness from their deadly weapon. You must use the laser hook to navigate through the out-of-this-world platform stages and save your fellow cocos!

Besiege Console (pre-release game) [email protected] – February 10 – Xbox Game Pass

Besiege Console (Game Preview) ID@Xbox - February 10 - Xbox Game Pass

Besiege is a physics-based construction game where you build war machines to demolish fortresses, destroy legions of soldiers, overcome dangers and solve physics-based puzzles. In the single player campaign, you will travel through four different islands, each with its own theme, filled with completely destructible levels, and see you bring your enemies to their knees. Available on cloud, console and PC. Learn more about Siege (Game preview) here!

Breakthrough: Reload – February 10 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

Breakout: Recharged - February 10 - Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

The original brick breaker is back with the toughest challenge yet. Survive as long as you can in the arcades or take on one of the 50 challenges, collecting game-changing power-ups along the way.

CrossfireX – February 10

CrossfireX - February 10

The legendary PC franchise comes to Xbox in a fast-paced first-person shooter featuring a host of exciting multiplayer games and a cinematic campaign that explores the global conflict between two of the world’s most formidable private military factions. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the Operation: Catalysts single-player campaign.. You can also purchase Originator’s package, Founder’s Packand definitive edition to improve your CrossfireX experience.

Edge of eternity – February 10 – Xbox Game Pass

Edge of Eternity - February 10 - Xbox Game Pass

Available on Day 1 with Game Pass: Engage in epic turn-based battles as you follow Darion and Selene on their quest to find a cure for the all-consuming Corrosion in this epic tale of hope and self-sacrifice, created by a small team of passionate JRPG lovers. Available on cloud, console and PC.

kung fu kickball – February 10 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

KungFu Kickball - February 10 - Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

kung fu kickball is a fighting sports game where the best kicker wins! Punch, kick and head across the field to kick the ball into the opponent’s bell and score points!

The Life and Sufferings of Sir Brant – February 10

The Life and Sufferings of Sir Branté - February 10

A story-driven hardcore RPG set in a harsh world ruled by real but ruthless gods. Embark on a challenging journey of life where every choice comes with a price and consequences. Will you become an inquisitor, judge, or plot against the old order? Feel free to decide!

Collection of retroversions of the occiput – February 10

Nape Retroverse Collection - February 10

Relive the experience of the past with 4 retro games from the 8-bit era! From platformers, adventure and exploration games, Shoot ’em Ups! Respecting the limitations of the 8-bit era, but with special additions such as additional retro visuals and filters to take us back to the nostalgic era of the 80s or 90s.

PowerSlave exhumed – February 10

PowerSlave Exhumed - February 10

PowerSlave: Exhumed is a port of the classic console game powered by the KEX Engine that perfectly combines the PlayStation and Saturn versions. In the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak, alien forces with terrifying powers have isolated a once-thriving community from outside contact. As a covert operations specialist, you have been trained for all forms of contingency. However, nothing can prepare you for the nightmare you are about to enter…

Rise of a third power – February 10

Rise of a Third Power – February 10

Rise of a third power is a retro-style console RPG based on the political climate of Europe in the late 1930s. The story takes place in the country of Rin at the height of the Age of Sailing, after the events that led to the greatest war in human history.

Ammunition: cocked and loaded – 11 February

Ammunition: Armed and Loaded - February 11

Age 2049 AD. All forms of life have died out, except for the pigs, which confront hostile AI-controlled machines. The robots must be destroyed, but more importantly, the last surviving chickens are found. They must be saved at all costs!

Strange World: Stranger’s Wrath HD – 11 February

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD - February 11

In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands of Western Mudos, grumpy citizens find their settlements besieged by warlike bandits. The Stranger appears, a tall, dark and mysterious bounty hunter tasked with capturing troublemakers and villains and bringing them back to civilized towns for imprisonment.

Scoutfold: Shrouded in Sanity – 11 February

Skautfold: Shrouded in Sanity – February 11

The action takes place in an alternate historical setting of the Angelic Empire of Britain in 1897. Your contract instructs you to eliminate the source of the unnatural fog enveloping Berelai Manor. Uncover the secrets of the estate as you search for answers among the rowdy residents.

spiritual roots – 11 February

Spiritual Roots – February 11

Embark on a fun and family-friendly platforming adventure across 5 fantasy worlds and learn the touching history of their populations.

Unchained: Worlds Apart – 11 February– Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

Unbound: Worlds Apart - February 11 - Optimized for Xbox Series X|S ● Smart Delivery

Summon portals to overcome vicious beasts, devious puzzles and diabolical platformers. Master the unique abilities of each portal to stop reality from collapsing as you explore lush, hand-drawn worlds and uncover a deep narrative full of secrets.

Ziggurat 2 – 11 February

Ziggurat 2 – February 11

The ziggurat is back, and now it’s even better! Use powerful weapons and spells to fight your way through hordes of enemies and explore dungeon labyrinths in this hectic roguelite first-person shooter as you upgrade your skills and unlock new gear.

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