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  • Optimized version for Xbox Series X | S Unturned will appear later this year.
  • Get new insights into the first new map on the console, Elver.
  • Find out about some of our long term plans for Unturned on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

When we launched Unturned Last November, we weren’t exactly sure about the reaction of the players. After almost 10 months, I think now we can confidently say that it was a success! Yes, there were a few hurdles along the way, but overall player feedback exceeded our expectations and provided us with a solid foundation for building a strategy for the future on Xbox.

We’ve been working very hard to create a stronger server-side game that will allow us to maintain great content and features in the coming months. Moving forward, we are confident that the patches will be more frequent and varied. When you read this, or shortly thereafter, we’re going to release a new patch for Xbox One that will contain a lot of optimizations, and after that it’s time for the first additional map on the console, the beloved Elver!

Elver Map will be the first DLC content for Unturned on Xbox One and will be out soon in September. Any server installed in Elver will be available to every player (using a password for private servers), you will only need to buy the map if you want to play locally (single player or split screen) or if you want to create your own server installed on Elver. But anyone can join a friend on an existing server installed on Elver.

After Elver, the next big thing happened for Unturned will be the release of the Xbox Series X version | S Optimized. We’re aiming for a year-end release that will be supported through Smart Delivery for all owners Unturned Xbox One. Xbox Series X Release | S is a way to show you that we are committed to continuing to support the game until Gen 9, and there will be many surprises for all survivors next year! Optimized version of Unturned for Xbox Series X | S leverages the power of next-generation consoles to work. Unturned with support for 4k resolution with 60fps gameplay.


We want to say thank you to all the fans of the game. Rest assured 505 Games has big plans for an exciting future Unturned on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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UNTURNED is an open world survival sandbox where you take on the role of a survivor in the zombie-infested ruins of modern society and must work with your friends and forge alliances to stay alive. Find weapons and supplies to survive against the zombies and gain experience points that you can use to improve as you progress through the game. You can collect clothes, weapons, food and supplies while avoiding zombies and other players. You can also collect and create resources (wood, metal, etc.) to create a stronghold, defenses, etc. Explore the maps and find what you are looking for: each resource will be useful to keep you alive and create what you need equipment. protect you and fight zombies and other players. A huge number of items, weapons and vehicles (planes, cars, tanks …) are available: find out what might work for your game strategies! As you progress through the game, killing zombies helps you earn experience points, useful for upgrading and improving your skills in three categories: offense, defense and support. Survive online and fight with 24 friends thanks to dedicated servers, or share your adventures at home in a split-screen multiplayer game! Stay NOT CONVERSED! • Massive Maps – Explore up to 8 sandbox maps as you travel by land, air and sea. • Build – Build your equipment and structures from collected materials. • Level Up – Improve your skills in three categories: offense, defense, support. • Customization – avatars. can be completely personalized cosmetically • Multiplayer game – brave zombies and other opponents alone or team up with friends • Compete or alliance – try to form alliances with other players or defeat all rivals

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