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Hello PlayStation lovers! I’m Tsuyoshi Kanda, producer of Resident Evil Village. Today I wanted to share with you more information about Winters’ Expansion and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which includes both the base game and Winters’ Expansion.

First, I’d like to start with the new Shadows of the Rose story expansion. Rose was just a child when her father, Ethan Winters, saved her, risking his own life in the process. In this story add-on, Rose will be shown 16 years after the events of the original story, now fighting for her survival. The game takes place in the Realm of Consciousness “Megamycete”.

This Kingdom is a world full of traps and monsters. However, Rose can only carry a gun, some ammo, and first aid supplies…

With few resources, Rose needs to use the very powers she desperately wants to get rid of. Her unusual abilities can temporarily stop enemies, and can also be used to destroy obstacles in her path.

By using Rose’s power effectively, you can accurately aim at the enemy’s weak point. Please enjoy Rose’s new survival style.

One of the terrifying enemies Rose will face is known as the Face Eater. It is a dangerous being that lurks in the Consciousness Realm and can steal life from other sentient beings. Once one of them captures Rose, she will take significant damage, so do your best to avoid them!

Now let’s move on to third person mode. This mode has been something fans have been asking for since the launch of the original Resident Evil Village. We believe that both those who play the Village for the first time in the Gold Edition and those who played the original game will enjoy this new mode as well as see Ethan’s animation from a new perspective.

In third-person mode, players will be able to see Ethan in action, as well as during the attack on him. We believe we have been able to create a new and unique kind of horror that is different from the original first-person gameplay.

Finally, we have additional screenshots from The Mercenaries’ additional orders. Please take a look at the meters in these screenshots. You can see how Chris’ Onslaught Gauge, Lady Dee’s Thrill Gauge, and Heisenberg’s charged hammers are introduced in the game.

The Winters’ Expansion DLC, which includes all 3 of the above content, as well as the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which is a bundle of Winter’s Expansion and the base game, will be available on October 28th. Please don’t forget to check it out!

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