New MMO Marvel Online Announced Via Investor Slideshow

Illustrations of various Marvel superheroes from the mobile game Future Revoltion

Image: Netmarble / Marvel

Unveiled yesterday at the investor presentation, Dawn gameAustin-based game studio Dimensional Ink is developing a new MMO Marvel… However, according to the same presentation, it will likely be several years before we see a trailer or screenshot of an upcoming online superhero game.

As noted Eurogamer and Twitch streamer MillerDaybreak’s parent company Enad Global 7 has released its 3Q2021 financials. In this presentation which is available on the internet, the company quietly announced that Daybreak and Dimensional Ink are working on a new AAA MMO “using Marvel IP.”

On another slide in the presentationThe undeclared Marvel MMO is led by Jack Emmert. He is currently in charge of DC Universe Online, but before that he helped design and run City of Heroes and co-founder of Cryptic Studios behind this MMO.

I didn’t expect to be playing this Marvel game anytime soon. In the presentation, he is listed in the section “long-term” project after 2022. So it’s likely that this game, if completed and released, won’t see the light of day until 2023 or 2024.

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Interesting, in 2019, it was reported that Daybreak was trying to develop a Marvel MMO around 2018.before layoffs began in the studio. Shortly thereafter, the Marvel game was allegedly shelved. However, it looks like it has been revived. Has the meaning. We are talking about superheroes from comics. These guys and girls never stay dead long.

dawnMarvel and Diminesinal Ink haven’t officially confirmed the news yet.

Hopefully this Marvel MMO proves to be more successful than previous attempts. There was the aforementioned Marvel MMO that was reportedly mothballed by Daybreak in 2018, but before that there was a 2013 release. failed Marvel Heroes which closed after several name changes in 2017.… Prior to this, Emmert’s Cryptic Studios worked on the MMO Marvel with Microsoft. But this game was canceled in 2008. and be reborn as Champions onlinewhich is still in existence in 2021. And who knows how many other unannounced Marvel MMOs have been planned, unveiled and canceled over the last decade.

Anyway, recent influx of Marvel games seems to have convinced someone with the money that the world is ready for a Marvel MMO. Well, another Marvel MMO. Future revolution on phones and tablets already out and damn good.

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