New Minecraft patch fixes freezes on Nintendo Switch

You should be able to play again now

Minecraft Edition for Nintendo Switch
Image: Mojang

Craft survival game mine craft recently experienced some issues on the Nintendo Switch. Players on this platform are reporting that the build of the game is “hanging”, making it unplayable.

This was mentioned on social networks and some subreddits. Luckily, Mojang seems to have looked into these issues and resolved the issue. Hanging issues were first discovered in version 1.18.30. Here is the latest fix:

Minecraft – Version 1.18.32:

“Fixed chunk loading and freezing issues on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-154110).”

According to playtests of this new patch, it appears to have resolved the following issues:

How about you – have you had any issues with the Switch version since this update? Do you still play Minecraft regularly? Leave a comment below.


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