New Minecraft Mob Vote Has Been Decided, The Sniffer Wins

Image: Mojang

During this year’s Minecraft Live broadcast, fans were asked to choose from Rascal, Sniffer, and Tuff Golem as their next mob.

Tuff Golem took third place and it came to a face-off between Sniffer and Rascal. As a result, the Sniffer won with more than half of the votes (55.1% in total).

This new mob is described as an “ancient creature” that was once part of the outside world’s ecosystem. To revive them, you need to find their eggs. Once you hatch this new mob, you can use it to sniff out ornamental plants and find new seeds.

What do you think of this mafia choice? Did you vote for The Sniffer or something else? Leave a comment below.

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