New Massively Multiplayer Online Dragon Ball Does Not Plan For ‘For Now’ Cross-Platform Play

One of the surprises Bandai Namco made last year was Dragon Ball: Destroyers is a seven versus one multiplayer online survival game.

It will hit multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch in 2022, but it turns out there are currently no plans for cross-platform play or even cross-play support. Here is producer Ryosuke Hara’s full exchange with Siliconra:

Will Dragon Ball: Destroyers support cross-platform play and cross-save? If not, can you consider this possibility in the future?

Hara: There are currently no plans to support cross-platform and cross-save.

This can make some versions of the game a serious handicap for some. In terms of post-launch support, the development team is not yet ready to share any information.

In the same interview, the producer revealed where the idea for Dragon Ball: The Breakers came from. While it has been compared to some other multiplayer survival games, it is clear that scenes from the DB universe have had the “biggest impact”.

Hara: While the game is indeed an asymmetrical game, the focus is on Dragon Ball: Destroyers had to express the huge difference in strength between characters with superpowers and normal people in a very Dragon ball-similar way.

So, I must say that the scenes from Dragon ball Universe representing this concept. For example, the scene in which Bulma was hiding from enemies on the planet Hint, or where civilians were absorbed by the Cage in Ginger Town.

Including the concept period, Dragon Ball: The Breakers has been in development for “about 3 years” and will release at some point in 2022.

Are you looking forward to this title? Will Switch be the platform you play this game on without cross-platform support? Leave a comment below.

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