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Hello everyone, this is Keisuke Kikuchi, producer of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Together with the director of the series, Mr. Shibata, I have been involved in the creation of every game in the Fatal Frame series, and thanks to all our fans and their support, we are now celebrating our 20th anniversary of the franchise.

While the series concentrates the essence of Japanese horror into each title, we have chosen a different type of fear as the overarching theme for each game. In the upcoming Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, we’re using the Japanese haunted scene motif and the player’s ability to grab a camera and walk through those scenes. The main topic of this particular article in the series is “fear associated with water”. To do this, we made sure that many locations are very wet so that they have the feeling that a ghost can appear at any time – a topic that is very common in Japanese horror films.

One of the main features that I would like to discuss with all of our fans today is the new Photo Mode, the first in a series. Now you can take your own “ghost photos” and post them on social media so others can see how interesting and scary this show really is. While other games have implemented a photo mode, the Fatal Frame series emphasizes cameras and images as the most important elements in the game (even using a camera called a pinhole camera as a weapon to defeat ghosts!). what you can do in this mode is slightly different from what you can do in other series.

And since the core concept of this new mode is to allow players to take their own original “ghost photos,” we made sure to include filters and other features to provide a range of different options to customize how they work. Players can use Photo Mode at the touch of a button in almost any part of the game, with the exception of a few specific events.

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