New Leak Reveals Metroid Prime 4 Studio Is Behind Canceled Legend Of Zelda Starring Sheik

We first made Sheikh in Ocarina of Time back in 1998, but what if she had her own game entirely? It almost happened, and after our previous article on why we’d like to see Zelda get her own game from our very own Jason Gisano, the Sheikh’s canceled adventure that has surfaced has caught our hearts and attention.

Recent leak detected Source Gaming’s EIC has a canceled Sheik-focused game that was apparently in development by Retro Studios. This is the same studio that is currently working on Metroid Prime 4. Former Retro Studios artist Sammy Hall. shared views in the alleged game earlier with the image of the Sheikh. The Sheikh looks like a male sheikh, but later in the games it is revealed that she is actually Princess Zelda in disguise. When Ocarina first came out, it had a terrific storyline, so the prospect of playing offline seemed extremely appealing. That being said, the project appears to have been canceled due to a recent leak that comes from several different sources, but the original source comes from a leaked document that showcases the Sheikh title planned between 2005 and 2008.

The document above appears to have planned to make Sheikh Okarina a playable character for fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise. According to the archive of this document, the game was supposed to be an RPG, which is the usual style of the Zelda series, and it was supposed to be “ten times weirder” than the usual adventures of Link and his company. The story reportedly took place during the 100-year-old arrival of Ganon by Dark Gerudo, which honestly sounds amazing.

Nintendo hasn’t mentioned a possible Sheik game in the past, making it an interesting rabbit hole to dive into.

So we have to ask: Could you play the Sheikh’s Legend of Zelda game? Why or why not? Mute the sound in the comments below!

[H/T Nintendo Life]

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