New Kirby Switch Game Seems To Include Amiibo Support

Image: Nintendo

Co-op is on the way Kirby and the Forgotten Landbut one more thing that appears to be in the game is amiibo support. According to the Japanese edition of My Nintendo Store, Kirby’s latest adventure will support the popular action figure line.

While there are no details on the supported amiibo or what they will do in the game, it looks like Nintendo has plans to re-release some of the previous Kirby figures. Last week user on Reddit, noticed new announcements about Kirby and The Smash brothers. Kirby amiibo – Re-release, possibly next month.

Until then, we just have to wait and see what happens. Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches on Nintendo Switch on March 25th. Would you be interested in the amiibo support for Kirby’s new game? Leave a comment below.

Amibo support

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