New Gold Games for December 2021

It’s time to announce the December Games with a gold squad! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S join your friends and plan original jailbreak. Runaways 2, And manage your island nation however you see fit. Tropico 5 – Penultimate Edition.And for our classic line through backward compatibility, destroy the army of orcs in Orcs must die! and fight bizarre creatures in a 2D platformer Crazy Perverted Shadow Planet

Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of Games with gold… So it will be Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members who get all the fantastic Gold benefits plus access to over 100 high-quality games with Xbox Game Pass.

Runaways 2
From the tundra to the desert, join up to three of your friends to form the best team and orchestrate the wildest escape from some of the harshest prisons in the world. Live by the rules, attend roll call and follow strict routines while secretly planning and fulfilling your claim to freedom!

Tropico 5 – Penultimate Edition
In that Penultimate editionincluding Big cheese and Capture additions, extend the reign of your dynasty from the early colonial period to the 21st century. Build your city’s infrastructure, plan trade routes and use new technologies in the fifth part of the fan-favorite urban planning series.

Orcs must die!
As a powerful battle mage, defend twenty-four fortresses from the crowd of evil enemies using all kinds of weapons and traps at your disposal. Regardless of how you do it, you will be able to destroy ferocious monsters in this fantastic strategy action game.

Crazy Perverted Shadow Planet
Explore unique environments in a 2D adventure game, Crazy Perverted Shadow Planet… Make your way to the center of the mysterious planet of Shadows, solving challenging puzzles and battling bizarre creatures to save your homeworld.

Find out more about our Gold Games program here.and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for all the latest Xbox news. As we said earlier, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, over 100 high quality games to play on consoles, PCs, and Android devices with cloud gaming (Beta where available) and access to EA Play at no extra cost. New games are added all the time, so you’ll never be left without something new to try and find your next favorite game. If you’re new or already a member of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for console, join or upgrade today for just $ 1.

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