New gameplay experiences await players in Elemental War 2 Game Mode Update for Xbox and PC

Hello, I’m Daniel from indie studio Clockwork Origins.We are excited to introduce a new big game mode update for our tower defense game. Elemental War 2 we launched a few days ago and give some details about it.

Apart from a few usual bug fixes and improvements, the main focus of the update is on new endless mode and weekly challenges.

endless mode builds on what you’ve already experienced in the game. You defeat an elemental every five waves, gain an element and an item, build powerful towers with element combinations, and use your items to defeat the hordes of monsters that are getting stronger and stronger. But while the game is over, surviving wave 80, this will not happen in endless mode. At wave 80, you get the next elemental crystal to summon another elemental and the monsters keep spawning. That way, when you’re good enough, you can max out all the elements and build the strongest tower combinations. And of course, you’ll get quite a few new items to try out new strategies and improve your scores on the all-new leaderboard. And on top of that, Endless Mode can of course be played online in co-op with full cross-platform support!

winter landscape

weekly challenges it’s a new way for us to bring you some new content in the form of rolling challenges that change your game experience and try to get the most out of you. Each task has some parameters that can change and affect your experience. The obvious ones, of course, are the things you can usually tweak yourself: the map you’re playing on, the game mode, and the difficulty level. These three are predetermined to give you all the same setup.

But wait, there’s more! Problems can actually change a lot more:

  • start a wave
  • start life
  • Items
  • monster speed
  • emergency mode
  • Interest
  • Elements
  • Minimum speed

The starting wave and starting lives affect your starting conditions. Instead of always starting on the first wave with 50 lives, we have some intermediate steps here, like starting on wave 30 with only ten lives. Of course, in this case, you will get a bunch of gold and elements, so you just missed the first 30 waves.

Although items are an important part Elemental War 2challenges can disable treasure chests or even all items, which will completely change your game experience as one of your most powerful tools is no longer available and you need to build your towers even more carefully.

Monster speed means that when enabled, only fast monsters will spawn (slow monsters will walk faster). So, no more relaxing waves. Combined with the rush mode, you will no longer have breaks between monster waves. The interest you know can also be turned off, so accumulating gold no longer gives you a bonus and you need to change your playstyle to accommodate. The minimum speed determines whether the game can be paused or not, and whether it is necessary to play at x2 or x3 speed all the time. And the last modifier is whether you can choose elementals yourself or random elementals are applied. In any case, the random order of the elements is the same for all players, but if you can choose them, you can of course influence this order.

That’s a lot, and we hope you enjoy all these new features. So, give the update a try and let us know what you think and what else you have to share. Elemental War 2!

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Elemental War 2 will take you to a world in danger: hordes of monsters suddenly break out of the abysses of hell from a malfunctioning summoned portal. Will you have time to build a line of defense from the defensive towers from the forces of evil? Elemental War 2 offers you the popular feeling of tower defense combined with innovative game mechanics: once you defeat an elemental – a particularly strong enemy that will demand everything from you – you will receive its elemental stone, which you can use to create new defensive towers. As you collect elements, there will always be new levels and combinations of towers at your disposal. Only if you skillfully combine different towers and use their advantages, you will be able to resist the hordes of monsters. By completing side quests in the game, you’ll also unlock items that will further enhance your towers’ abilities or drastically weaken your opponents at the right moment! Elemental War 2 offers you dozens of hours of gameplay to strategize, complete all quests and uncover all the secrets of the game world. Lovingly handcrafted maps offer you a variety of games and always new challenges!

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