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To celebrate the forthcoming release of Forspoken, the Luminous Productions team is pleased to announce the release of a brand new Forspoken Collection line. We are very excited to finally be able to reveal this roster!

“The PlayStation Gear Store is excited to be part of the official launch of the Forspoken Collection – we’ve worked hard in partnership with Luminous Productions to make these items perfect for the community and we hope you all love them as much as we enjoyed making them.”

– Gerado Riba – Brand Marketing Manager PlayStation Global Group

Movement inspired by the Forspoken art direction

We are delighted with how it turned out – in particular the combination of the Forspoken logo, added details and various other design elements. We love how in-game design inspiration was used to represent modern aspects from the fantasy world.

Even though Forspoken is a game with a complex design, filled with many surprises and details, the main concept is “a fusion of modernity and fantasy”. The main story – Frey’s journey from modernity to the world of fantasy – is a clear reflection of this concept. In terms of artistic conception, we aimed to create a whole new identity for fantastical symbolism and combine it with contemporary sensibilities.

Logos and coins on T-shirts: gold as the main color

In the world of Forspoken, gold symbolizes magical power. Similarly, in the modern world we live in, gold and magic have been closely linked since ancient times. For example, alchemy involves the use of magic to create gold. In addition, from an economic point of view, gold itself is valuable, which will always make it special to people. We used the magic of gold as the main color when creating the Forspoken universe.

This new line of t-shirts and coins allow gamers to bring some Forspoken golden magic into their daily lives.

Jacket: Emblem on Frey’s pants

Do you recognize the emblem on this jacket? If yes, then you have a good eye! This emblem appears in-game on Frey’s jeans and is a subtle detail that not everyone could notice. The motif of this emblem is Freyr’s right hand, which she wields with her magic.

Frey wears the emblem, not knowing what it is, while still living in present-day New York, hinting that Atia may have been calling for her for some time. In terms of design, Frey’s black jeans pair well with fantasy world capes and belts. This real life jacket emblem is a nod to the original spot on Frey’s jeans.

Pin Badges: Badges

These icon badges perfectly represent the fusion of modernity and fantasy. In terms of UI functionality, modern and simple icons are great, but icons should also stylistically evoke a sense of fantasy. We carefully combined these two seemingly opposite elements and designed the icons one after the other.

The specific icons depicted on pin icons can also be seen in-game when Frey discovers his magical abilities. These magical badges were inspired by the signs Freyr saw in contemporary New York, as well as her experiences in Athia.

This collection of pin badges allows players to enchant their lives with stylish designs that represent Frey’s most powerful abilities.

Forspoken releases January 24, 2023

Finally, I’m glad that the day is near when I can share the Forspoken art world that we’ve been creating for so long. The Luminous Productions team and I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the universe we have created.

Forspoken releases on PS5 on January 24, 2023.

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