New Final Fantasy XVI trailer at Sony State Of Play in June

A pale-skinned woman holds an open hand in front of her and summons a floating ice crystal.

Screenshot: Square Enix

As part of PlayStation State of Play 2022, Square Enix showed off a gameplay trailer for the upcoming PS5 RPG. Final Fantasy XVI. While no exact release date has been set, the game is currently set to release sometime in the summer of 2023.

Fight in FFXVI seems to take place in real time and includes battles with giant creatures from last fantasy series such as Odin, Bahamut and Ifrit. Presumably. These are the Akons that were mentioned in official materials on the eve of the event.

The reason there hasn’t been much news about FFXVI because development have been affected by complications from Covid-19. The team was hindered by the transition to remote work, but the game was already at the polished stage of development.

FFXVI was announced for PlayStation 5 on September 16, 2020 as the next main game in the Final Fantasy series. The trailer showed a dark, harsh fantasy world with real-time combat. FFXVI producer Naoki Yoshida intentionally show the real game frames instead of exclusively rendered frames. According to former Kotaku writer Jason Schrier, his sources said what FFXVI was in development for at least four years prior to its initial announcement. While fans have speculated that Yoshida will be too busy working on Final Fantasy XIV at the same time he debunked the rumor in Interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

His official website launched in a monthshowing more information about the backstory of the game. FFXVI The action takes place in the fantasy world of Valistea, where prosperity is guaranteed by sparkling magical mountains called the Mother Crystals. People with superpowers called “Dominants” can control deadly monsters called Aikons. So far, we only know about the three main characters from FFXVI. Clive and Joshua Rosfield are brothers who come from a noble Dominant family, and Jill Warrick was adopted by their family to end the conflict between warring nations. Already, six major countries were mentioned in the new fantasy setting.

Last July, Yoshida went live to state that the game gave priority to EnGlish localization and will be recorded in British English. FFXVI was not shown at this year’s E3 or Tokyo Game Show.

The official website currently lists FFXVI as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, although the initial trailer seemed to imply the game was a temporary exclusive.

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