New Datamine Fire Emblem may have found a gap in the main timeline

Image: Nintendo

Fire Emblem Engage hit the scene last week and, as usual, dataminers have been sifting through the game’s files to uncover hidden secrets. One in particular that seems to have received some support focuses on the codename of the last entry.

Based on previous datamines, Fire Emblem games are known to follow a certain pattern when it comes to their development codenames. As the modder and dataminer explained ‘DeathChaos25On Twitter, Fire Emblem Engage has the internal code “Iron19”. What gets interesting is the fact that the previous main game Fire Emblem: Three Houses was codenamed “Iron17”.

There is a numbered gap between these main entries, although they are consecutive. This naming convention is also Only belongs to the main series, so spin-offs have different code names. Fire Emblem Warriors supposedly “wasn’t treated like that” and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes apparently codenamed “Seasons”.

Of course, this raised some questions about what’s going on between “Iron17” (Three Houses) and “Iron19” (Engage). There have been rumors of Fire Emblem remakes in the past, as well as other theories and speculation about it. some forums the “Iron18” claim may have been canceled, shelved, or merged with another title. And keep in mind there were some Another Fire Emblem games have also been released over the years.

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