New characters and levels arrive at the Ultimate Chicken Horse

Our Clever Endeavor team is incredibly lucky to support The ultimate chicken horse for over 5 years now and we’re back with another free content update for the game! We’re introducing a new animal party character, a new level, and some new outfits. Get Ready to Meet Hippo on Xbox One and Series X | S to owners on September 20!

Big and responsible, Behemoth (abbreviated as Behemoth) joins the composition of the Ultimate Chicken!

This groovy creature is ready to do a boogie-woogie all over the house. Don’t let the silly smile fool you, Hippo is a true Ultimate title contender.

The ultimate chicken horse

Go back to the Cretaceous with an alternative Hippopotamus skin, Triceratops! This alternate skin is compatible with all common Hippo accessories.

How did Triceratops safely join the rest of the animals? Nobody knows for sure, but we’ve heard that it has something to do with a very special car …

The ultimate chicken horse

Once you get to know Hippo, you can unlock nifty accessories for Hippo and Triceratops.

  • Cowboy boots: Although Hippo usually wears dance shoes, sometimes they are exchanged for these trusty shoes.
  • Balloon: Taken from the fair, his name is Wilson.
  • Floatie: Hippos cannot swim, so they need this device when they go to the pool with other animals.
The ultimate chicken horse

Despite the name of the game, the Horse has always been one less accessory compared to other creatures. But fear not, we bought the Horses a new outfit!

The horse loved it so much that we tried to provide 7 different color variations: blue, orange, green, purple, red, pink and yellow. Although the Horse is convinced that the equipment is optimized for speed, it does nothing other than look cool.

The ultimate chicken horse

The entire cast and crew went to the local theme park, and one attraction caught their attention: this fast-paced roller coaster!

Once unlocked on this map, you will place blocks and traps so you can safely pass under the paths and reach the finish line – through another piece of completely safe scaffolding. Make sure your appendages are not included in the trip; if you get too close, he will send you straight to your grave!

Once the Hippo-Party-Plus update comes out on September 20th, you will be able to unlock all of the new content mentioned by collecting unlock boxes at all levels with a “?” sign.

All of the content updates mentioned above are cool, more obvious updates for players, but we’ve also updated a whole host of server stuff. For example, we’ve updated the version of Unity the game is running on and changed the physics related to wall colliders. Overall, this should make the game smoother and more consistent. Much of this backend work arose from what we learned that most of the online architecture we use from third parties is being retired. We wanted the game to last as long as possible by porting it to new systems. This work turned out to be much more difficult than we initially thought, and the team is still working on it behind the scenes.

This time we would like to thank you and everyone who played The ultimate chicken horse in order to make him what he is today! We hope you enjoy our latest planned content update as we move on to our next big project.

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The ultimate chicken horse

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$ 14.99

Have you ever wished you could jump up walls, dodge arrows, set traps and defeat your animal friends in a race across the dangerous obstacle course that you all built together? The wish is fulfilled! Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer where you and your friends level up as you play, placing deadly traps before trying to reach the end of the level. If you can do it, but your friends cannot, you score points! Play online or locally with your animal buddies and experiment with multiple platforms to find new ways to connect with your friends. – Online and local play – Unique gameplay, from strategic block placement to Twitch platform control – Huge library of blocks to create an endless variety of levels – Discover locations such as Farm, Iceberg, Dance Party, Pyramids and more – Create, save and share customizable levels – challenge your friends to beat your levels in challenge mode with global leaderboards! – Play as chicken, horse, sheep and other wonderful animals – Fun, cartoon art – Sweet funky soundtrack

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