New Bayonetta voice actress Jennifer Hale made a statement about Bayonetta 3

Image: PlatinumGames, Nintendo

PlatinumGames announced earlier this month that talented voice actress Jennifer Hale will replace Hellena Taylor as the voice of Bayonetta in the upcoming Switch exclusive, Bayonetta 3.

Following the weekend drama, Hale came out with a statement of her own, mentioning that she was not really allowed to talk about the entire Bayonetta 3 situation as she is currently under a non-disclosure agreement. Here is the full message (from social media):

With regards to Bayonetta 3, as a longtime member of the voice acting community, I support every actor’s right to good pay and have consistently advocated for this over the years.

Anyone who knows me or has followed my career knows that I have great respect for my colleagues and that I protect all members of the community.

I am under a non-disclosure agreement and am not allowed to speak about this situation. My reputation speaks for itself.

I sincerely ask everyone to remember that this game was created by a whole team of hardworking, dedicated people, and I hope everyone has an open mind about what they created.

Finally, I hope that all participants can resolve their differences in a peaceful and respectful manner.

With love and respect to all of you,
Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale has had a successful career voicing for a wide variety of games. Some of her prominent roles include Samus Aran in the three main Metroid Prime games and the voice of the female Commander Shepard in BioWare’s Mass Effect series.

This statement follows Hellena Taylor’s response to Platinum’s previous comments about the scheduling conflict, revealing how she received an offer of $4,000 “as a flat rate” and considered it an insult to her talent, urging fans to “boycott” the third game. You can learn more about this story from our previous report:

If we hear any further developments, we will let you know.

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