New Bayonetta 3 footage sheds light on Demon Masquerade, Viola and more

If you need a reminder, Bayonetta 3 is out later this month on October 28th. this month, Umbra witches! It’s crazy to think that before September 2021, we had no idea when this game was coming, and now it’s almost here.

The lucky ones at Game Informer got to spend a lot of time with Bayonetta 3 and are currently showing off various aspects of the game on the marketplace. YouTube channel. The first video is a relatively brief overview of everything new in the sequel, including the rather quirky “Demon Masquerade” mechanic, environmental puzzles, side activities, and the introduction of “Embryos” as the game’s main currency. You can check out this video above.

The second video, if you scroll your peepers below, serves as an introduction to the new playable character Viola, the Umbra Witch in training. Armed with a sword, Viola does not have access to the wide range of weapons that Bayonetta can use, but she uses throwing knives for ranged combat and can also summon Cheshire, her demonic cat companion, for more. more complex gaming encounters. It is also mentioned that while Viola is slightly slower to control than Bayonetta, she more than makes up for it with increased strength.

Another thing to note is how fabulous footage, especially during Viola’s showcase. This certainly removes the author’s obsessive concerns about the visual style of the game compared to the first two games. We hope everything will come together to make Bayonetta 3 the best PlatinumGames game yet!

Are you looking forward to the release of Bayonetta 3 later this month? What do you think of these new shots? Activate Witch Time and let us know in the comments!

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