Neverwinter Sharandar Episode 3: The Hateful Court is available now


The conclusion of Sharandar’s plot comes to light Neverwinter with Episode 3: The Odious Court! For this last episode we are greeted by the arrival of Etrien the Bard, a familiar face who has come to ask for your assistance. Away from the infernal landscapes where we first met Etrien, she has now returned to her former home, worried about the current attacks inflicted on Sharandar. While the threats of Night and Annis Hags have been allegedly dealt with, Etrien brings news of a group of Dryadi forced out of their home in Mended Grove, seeking help.

For those who are willing to help the displaced Dryads, a series of dubious tasks will lead brave adventurers to discover the nature of the Dryad’s supposed leader, Lithoceae. With the help of the elves Iliyanbruen, and a whole dose of suspicion, the adventurers reveal the last pieces of this story. It will be up to you, the heroes of Neverwinter, to take a decisive stand against the corrupting forces and those who wield them!

The launch of this final episode will also make way for the release of Vault of Stars: Twisted Denizens on July 20th. This hardcore mode brings up-to-date challenges to those who believe they have mastered the underground and won the Queen of Air and Darkness. Using the K-Team private coding system, Twisted Denizens introduces a special set of rare spawns into Alcove of Light-chambers available only when performing Vault of Stars in this new mode. Those who are willing to face these enemies will have the opportunity to get the necessary components needed to craft the Ring of Darkness and the Ring of Air.

While completing the original Deathless Vault of Stars rewarding Flawless Victory victory, a Deathless Twisted Twisted Run will give you a Perfect Run success. Players who find all three Alcoves of Light will also get “Head Towards the Light”. In addition to these dungeon achievements, the release of Episode 3: The Hateful Court will also allow players to complete “Defender of the Feywild.”

For those who don’t meet the minimum Article 40k level required for the new Sharandar campaign, the first two weeks of the release of episode 3 will eliminate this requirement and welcome all willing adventurers. The Feywild asks for your help once more! – will you be defending the ancient elven homeland? The Odious Court is now live on Xbox One!


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