Netflix makes Scott Pilgrim anime with original creator

Comics' Scott Pilgrim looks at the Netflix logo in shock!

Image: Netflix / Oni Press / Kotaku

And now it’s time for Toronto to drown in the sweet sadness of Clash At Demonhead, again, but in the form of an anime. That’s right, Netflix plans to develop a new adaptation of the cult classic comic book and film. Scott Pilgrim vs. Peace

In accordance with Hollywood Reporter who broke history, series creator Brian Lee O’Malley is set to write and executive produce the series alongside Are you afraid of the dark? showrunner Ben David Grabinski. Edgar Wright, the director of the 2010 film, and his group will also be contributing to the anime for Netflix. Wright, Nina Park, Mark Platt, Jared LeBoff and Adam Seigel of Marc Platt Productions, and Michael Bacall will executive produce. THR

Although the series has not yet been officially ordered, if all goes well, Science SARU, the anime production studio behind Devil Man Crybaby, The night is short, go girl, and Ping Pong Animation it is planned to revive the series.

this is not the first time Scott Pilgrim received animation processing. Back in 2010, Adult Swim ran animation segments called Scott Pilgrim vs. Animation during commercial breaks. The cartoon characters were voiced by actors from the film by Edgar Wright. Plot Scott Pilgrim vs. Animation took place in the first chapter of the second comic book, where high school student Scott creates a group with Kim Pine and friend Lisa Miller, a character who did not make it to the final cut of the film. Her omission was probably for the best, because the storyline of her crush on Scott would get too busy to juggle with her with too many chefs in shape. Ramona Flowerevil exes.

Hopefully this is a twist on creating an anime adaptation of the piece, as is the case with Arcane League of Legends –becomes a staple for Netflix in the future, rather than an alternative: providing live action processing properties like the hastily canceled streamer did Cowboy bebop row.

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