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V League of Legends TV show, Sorcery, premiered earlier this month on Netflix to rave reviews and high viewsso it should come as no surprise that the streamer lifted the show up for a second season with the return of the main cast.

Yesterday, Netflix and Riot Games Announce Renewals During 2-Day Undercity Nights Events… Riot has released a short teaser for the new season, which doesn’t detail exactly what to expect next season. Perhaps those who are better versed in knowledge League of Legends can decipher some interesting tidbits?

In accordance with Deadline, Hayley Steinfeld, Ella Purnell and Katie Leung will return in their roles from the first season of the series. Arcane next season of the show. Season 2 is currently in development with no release date announced.

Arcane on Netflix acts as a prequel to the original MOBA game and provides origin stories for several characters, including the Jinx and V sisters. Our own Ari Notis liked the show, although he didn’t League fan… But that didn’t make it difficult to enjoy the show, in fact, he could liked it more due to his lack of knowledge about serials.

“I don’t know anything about the source material, I never played the game, I couldn’t even name any of its characters before watching. Arcane“, – said Notis in a recent blog. “In fact, I think my lack of knowledge only increased my pleasure. One turn in the fourth episode took me by surprise. After reading a little about knowledge, as it turns out, if I were playing the game, I would have noticed that it was coming a mile away. “

In the meantime, even when Riot announced a new season Arcane, the publisher also revealed the first gameplay of their next big Laughing out loud spin-off fighting game codenamed Project L… Riot has also been in the news recently as it continues procrastinate during ongoing investigations By the California Department of Fair Housing and Housing his story of gender discrimination and sexism in the workplace

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