NES Action Shooter ‘Copper Jacket’ Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal

Image: Monsoon Studios

Indie game developer Monsoon Studios has reported that crowdfunding campaign for the name of the NES action Jacket Cooper was successful.

A game that offers a two-player simultaneous mode and is inspired by games such as Contra and Commando – had a very modest funding goal of only $ 9,000. Thanks to the support of 244 sponsors, he was able to raise almost double the amount, finally providing USD 16,000 cash.

The game takes place in 5 worlds, divided into 13 levels, and you can upgrade your weapons along the way.

Here’s some PR:

V Copper jacket, your former boss (commander Zaslavsky) kidnapped your future wife to force you to do his dirty work. Your mission is to defeat this sinister commander and save the love of your life. Immerse yourself in a fast paced action game as a renegade combat expert armed with a military rifle and carrying loads of heavy bombs.

The developer notes that while the Copper Jacket was designed to play on NTSC systems, it can also work on PAL NES devices, but this has not yet been tested. Copies are expected to ship in February 2023, so there is a lot of time ahead of us.

That said, given that the NES stopped being an ongoing issue in the mid-90s, what year is it between friends?

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