Neo: The world ending with you could take more than 100 hours to beat depending on your style of play

There is only one month left until the launch of Neo: The world ends with you on Nintendo Switch, and it looks like gamers will enjoy it abundance of content to enjoy when this date finally arrives.

A sequence from the classic Nintendo DS, The world ends with you, NEO will have players exploring the sights, sounds and culture of the living Shibuya. It is said to be a bigger, richer content experience than the original game, as explained by game director Hiroyuki Ito and series director Tatsuya Kando in conversation with 4gamer (translation via Nintendo Everything):

This: There is a lot more to do in this game, especially compared to the original game. I think reaching it only at the end will take about 50 hours.

When: If you’re the type of player to do all that a game has to offer, expect your hourly score to reach triple digits. There’s a lot to collect in the game, everything from character profiles to pins, with some challenging fights thrown in as well. Removing certain stages of the game allows players to receive graffiti stickers, with which you can decorate Udagawa streets.

According to the data above HowLongToBeat, Where players submit their game completion times, the original DS game takes an average of 25 hours to beat the main story, going up to a whopping 136 hours for those attempting a 100% completion.

If only we get to the end it is practically doubled in time in this new version, we are afraid to think about how long it will take to see and do all that the game has to offer. Well, if you’re the type who enjoys long game time, this sounds like it should be right on your way to comic book style.


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